Acne and Skin Care

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    • Gives a fresh youthful skin
    • Anti-wrinkle, Reduces wrinkles.
    • Good for striae and stretch marks
    • Relieves¬† joint pain, osteoporosis and bone pains
    • Good for muscle pain
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    Here is the step by step why of how the diet and supplements like vitamin B5 pantothenic acid , can help heal stubborn acne and pimples really fast. Healing acne , pimples , blackheads , white heads and oily or dry skin needs to be addressed by curing the underlying sabaceous glands.
    Dr Asma Mahmood , explains in the video attached, the good food choices for active form of vitamins needed to heal acne fast.
    Supplements like vitamin B5 pantothenic acid have been used by many people with wonderful results!
    Dr Asma Mahmood explains how to dose vitamin B5 pantothenic acid properly to heal your stubborn acne or pimples quickly!
    Follow the low carb ketogenic diet and use “stevia” as sweetener instead of inflammatory substances like sugar or high fructose corn syrup in your desserts and sweet dishes !
    Using such sweeteners, inorganic grainfed meat, butter and broiler eggs can cause not only acne and pimples, but it can lead to weight gain, diabetes and other autoimmune diseases as well !
    People interested in healing their acne and getting a glowing skin should avoid sweeteners like sugar or high fructose corn syrup and take supplements like vitamin B5 pantothenic acid in recommended doses under guidance of a doctor.

    Watch carefully and learn how to choose what is best for you !

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