Dr. Asma Appointment

Dr. Asma Mahmood (M.B.B.S.,CHP,MRCP 1,RMP , Certified in Food and Health from Stanford)is a medical doctor who runs Healing Hijama Clinic –A holistic treatment center where tibbenabawi, naturopathy and modern medicine as per latest research and medicine are applied to help you heal!

After her own experience with Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune condition, she studied Functional Medicine and opened her own clinic – HEALING HIJAMA CLINIC ! , to serve patients who were failed by conventional medicine. Online Consultation is offered to patients from around the world !

One on one , step by step counseling is given to her patients who seek her care and advice in reversing their autoimmune, thyroid and digestive issues and optimizing their health.

Her  mission is to empower people around the globe to take back their health! For this she created her You tube channel(embed the link to my you tube channel here)   which is a wellness platform that’s become a popular and respected resource for people seeking to get to the root of their health issues, find solutions, and take back control of their health.